You Should Really Get to Know Our Family


I thought that being a new blogger I should do a better job of introducing all of us. We all play a part in making this home a Homestead. You can read about me anytime in my bio but you should really know the people who make me whole!

My Rock.

Ryan, my partner and best friend! I call him my husband usually even though it’s not official to some, we live as husband and wife and have been engaged forever. If we ever get all our family together we will gladly make it legal. But more importantly he is my heart!

I can never fully explain how perfect he is for me, the children, and this life we have chosen! He works so hard to provide an income for our family working at his full-time job caring for an organic vegetable garden for a Farm-to-Table Restaurant and maintaining the landscape for a Sustainable Inn. He then works part-time as a cook at a different restaurant in our Historic Downtown.

And if all that wasn’t enough, he is the chief animal feeder, waterer, and walker. He also does all the heavy gardening and cares for all parts of our home. He cooks and cleans and generally waits on me hand and foot when I am sick or in pain. He is more than I could ever ask for and I cherish him with all my heart. Stepping out of a very demanding full-time job to stay home has been hard on me but he has supported me and encouraged me every step of the way!

He is the most amazing father I have ever seen! He spends so much quality time playing with, cuddling, and teaching our toddler and dotes on my pregnancy like it’s a fragile egg. He goes to every doctors appointment and never misses any special days! If that wasn’t all awesome enough he is equally attentive and kind to my two older children. They love their daddy Ry Ry!


The Academic. 

My first-born and only daughter is 15. Vivian is a very driven, studious young lady. She is often told, “You look just like your mom!” and always replies with, “I know, I’m her clone in every way!”, which flatters me beyond belief. She is a beautiful social sweetheart! Whenever I need spaghetti sauce made from scratch she is the first one I ask and she eagerly assists. She always gets the herb combination just right!

The Gamer.

This wiz kid, Dalton, is going to be a millionaire some day. He is 13 and already has more in his bank account than I do! He has a talent for business and making and not spending money. He is technologically advanced beyond his years and loves to play on his tablet that he purchased himself. In fact he helped me designing my webpage for this blog and taught me many of the programming secrets I had no clue on! Anytime I have vegetables to cut, dice or chop I hand him the cutting board and knife and he gets right to work helping with the family meals.

The Gobble.

Rowan is my youngest for now and is a funny 2-year-old toddler. He loves to play, cuddle and learn. Trains and dinosaurs are a special favorite right now but he loves all animals! His favorite daily activity is going to get the eggs from the chickens and giving them an extra scoop of food, shhh… don’t tell daddy we spoil them so!

The Baby.

We know he’s a boy! He likes to kick under my ribs and has a sweet tooth already. He will be here in time to help with the spring planting! I love baby wearing! All my kids were covered in garden soil from very young ages!

The Menagerie.

Our animals are important to us! We have two dogs, a 9 yr old Great Dane rescue named Leelah, and a 7-year-old dachshund named Kaiser. A rescued calico named Aura and a barn kitty that came with the farm that we fight over her name, it’s either Footsie or Mittsie depending on who you ask… A parrot named Squirt is our most exotic bird, he likes to say “Hi Squirt!” and loves snacks. Then our beloved chickens! We have about 30  birds of a mixed flock, most originating from heritage breeds. We use them for eggs and entertainment mostly and occasionally a rooster gets hatched that we raise for meat. These are spoiled rotten, free range, compost and garden eating birds!

And that’s all folks…for now!