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    About Rose Duncan

    I grew up in a homesteading family and have been on many life paths since then. Getting back to my roots has been a goal ever since leaving home. In the past ten years I have become closer to where I want to be than ever. We grow and preserve most of our vegetables, have chickens for eggs and sometimes meat, goats for milk and cheese, and make most of our food from scratch. I have been a Professional Horticulturist for almost 20 years, I am also a Master Gardener, a Certified Landscape Professional and a Certified Small Ruminant Production Journeyman Farmer. Our goal is living off the land in a sustainable, organic way. We chose this lifestyle. It makes us feel good. We live closer to the earth and know our food comes from a clean, environmentally friendly, humane, healthy and affordable source. I have a passion for all of this and want to share it with others. So many people are curious about this way of life and want to learn more and my hope is that this blog will help them on their path and we can enjoy this journey together as a community. Feel free to contact me if you need any more information.

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    • Mark

      I so much support you in your journey for the way you live and for attempting to educate others. I am on a similar path and have been for years. What you are doing is the way to live! Hard work, but that has its benefits too! Please keep doing what your doing. The world needs more ppl like you!

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