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Homestead Mom! A HARD Job But WORTH It!

Homestead Mom

I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated the other night and my anxiety was getting the best of me as it often does lately. I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done over the weekend but had so many things that still hadn’t been done during the week that were sitting right in front of me taunting me. All I could think is, HOW on Earth do other people do it? I can’t get even the simplest household chores done, never-mind all the homesteading tasks… So, I started to type out a list on Facebook to RANT about my insane list, but something changed by the time I got to the end…

“I have dishes to wash, floors to sweep, toilet to scrub, refrigerators to clean, laundry to fold, toys to toss, milk to make into cheese, eggs to preserve, chickens to sell, stalls to muck, balls to band, hooves to trim, paddocks to move, goats to milk, gardens to redo, lawn to be mowed, plants to plant, mulch to move, weeds to pull, seeds to sort, children to teach, meals to prep, butts to wipe, tears to dry, hugs to give, kind words for a friend, love to share, plenty of dairy and eggs to give to those in need, a roof over my head, bills barely paid, animals that know I love them, a husband who cares, kids that are perfect in every single way and I am grateful!”

…and it turned into a RAVE!

You see, all the things that I wanted to complain about are also the things that bring me the greatest amount of joy! Nobody ever said that life was easy! Especially if you have chosen the homestead life! It’s hard and it’s time-consuming! But it is also very rewarding!