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So the last couple of days I have been learning how to set up this blog page and make it do the things I want it to… I had no idea setting up this page would require so much technical knowledge but with the help of friends, family, and Google I have made some progress! I had such an easy set up for my Facebook Page, Passionate Plants, that I thought this would be similar, boy was I wrong! I Have gone through many tutorials and read through so many trouble shooting threads that I’m starting to understand some of this, I now know what a widget and plugin is and how to use them, mostly… Hand me a pile of seeds and infertile ground and I can transform it into a beautiful productive garden with my eyes closed… This is a whole different thing… So bare with me and I’ll be posting awesome content in no time!

About Rose Duncan

I grew up in a homesteading family and have been on many life paths since then. Getting back to my roots has been a goal ever since leaving home. In the past five years I have become closer to where I want to be than ever. We grow and preserve most of our vegetables, have chickens for eggs and sometimes meat, and make most of our food from scratch. I have been a Professional Horticulturist for 15 years, I am also a Master Gardener, and a Certified Landscape Professional. I recently began being a stay at home mom. This big change will allow me to put even more attention into living off the land in a sustainable, organic way. We chose this lifestyle. It makes us feel good. We live closer to the earth and know our food comes from a clean, environmentally friendly, humane, healthy and affordable source. I have a passion for all of this and want to share it with others. So many people are curious about this way of life and want to learn more and my hope is that this blog will help them on their path and we can enjoy this journey together as a community. Feel free to contact me if you need any more information.

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